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ORDER CLARIFYING THE OPERATION                                                                   )
OF IND. ADMISSION AND DISCIPLINE                                                                      )  Case number 94S00-9801-MS-32
RULE 3, AS AMENDED EFFECTIVE                                                                          )
JANUARY 1, 1999                                                                                       )


On December 4, 1998, this Court issued an order amending Admission and Discipline Rule 3, which governs aspects of the admission of attorneys to practice law in Indiana. The Rule, as amended, imposes certain requirements on those attorneys who are members of the bar in other states who wish to appear in an Indiana court pro hac vice. The amendments were effective January 1, 1999. This order clarifies certain aspects of the operation of the amended Rule.

The amendments apply only to requests for leave to appear pro hac vice filed on or after January 1, 1999.

If an attorney files the notice with the Clerk of the Supreme Court and pays the fee required by subpart (b) of the Rule in one case in any given calendar year, the attorney need not file and pay another fee for any other case in which the attorney may be appearing pro hac vice during that same calendar year.

    If an attorney files the notice with the Clerk of the Supreme Court and pays the fee required by subpart (b) of the Rule in a particular calendar year, and a new calendar year begins and the attorney is still appearing in any case pro hac vice, the attorney must file a new notice and pay a fee within 30 days of the start of the new calendar year.

    If more than one attorney from one firm is appearing pro hac vice in a particular case on behalf of the same client, each attorney appearing nevertheless has an individual obligation to comply with the Rule as amended.

    The Clerk of this Court is ORDERED to comply administratively with this order and to send a copy of this order to the West Publishing Company; to the Clerk of each Circuit Court in the State; to the administrators of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court; to the executive director of the Division of State Court Administration; and to the Judicial Center.

    The Clerks of the Circuit Courts are ORDERED to bring this order to the attention of all judges within their respective counties and to post this order for examination by the bar and general public.

    West Publishing is directed to publish this order in the official reports of published opinions in this State.

    Done at Indianapolis, Indiana this 8th day of January, 1999.

                        Randall T. Shepard
                        Chief Justice of Indiana

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