About the Appellate Opinions Online System

Indiana 's appellate courts have long published their opinions to the web at www.in.gov/judiciary/opinions. In June 2005, a new system for publishing and viewing opinions was published to this website.  Many of the changes were made as the result of user feedback, while others were the result of changes to internal processes.

What has changed?

  1. Cycle of Current Opinions.   Previously, opinions were only considered current for one day and then archived to the archive section of the opinions site.  Under the new system, opinions will be current for one week before moving to the archive.  
  2. Opinions Archive.   There are two major changes to the opinions archive:
    • There are now two archives: an old and a new. Opinions published to the old system are still available on our website. From the opinions home page, you can access the old archive by clicking the link “Opinions before 06/06/2005.” Any opinions published to the new system will be archived in the new archives, which are also available from the opinions home page.  
    • The new archive is improved.  The new archives will include a column for date of publication, and the most current opinions will appear at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Please note that as a result of the new seven-day cycle for current opinions, the new archives will remain empty until the week of June 13, 2005 when the first opinions published to the new system are archived.
  3. Document Format.  Previously, opinions were published in Word and HTML (web page) formats. The courts have recently decided to begin publishing opinions in only Adobe PDF format, requiring the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free download on the Internet.  One benefit to this change is that users of both Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect can now view opinions in document format.

Opinions are still searchable

To search appellate opinions, simply use the search function available in the upper-right corner of every page on the Indiana Courts website.  Use the menu to change “Indiana Courts” to “Appellate Opinions” to search only opinions, then enter your keywords and click the “go” button.

Opinions are the most popular section of the Indiana Courts website, comprising fully 30% of our website traffic.  Therefore, access to opinions in a user-friendly environment for all of our website visitors is one of our goals.  If you have any questions or concerns about the opinions or any other section of the Indiana Courts website, please contact the webmaster.