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Latest News & Headlines

Nominating Commission to Select Next Chief Justice of Indiana

Jul 11, 2014 | Press Release

On Wednesday, August 6, the Judicial Nominating Commission will vote to select Indiana's next Chief Justice.  In June, Chief Justice Brent Dickson announced his intention to step down as Chief Justice and remain on the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice.  The Commission will make its selection for Chief Justice from among the other current Justices: Robert Rucker, Steven David, Mark Massa and Loretta Rush. 

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Improved But Not Perfect: Marion County Small Claims Courts Two Years Later

Jul 9, 2014 | Court Times

In May 2012, the Marion County Small Claims Courts Task Force ("Task Force") issued a report describing serious problems in the management and procedures of the county's nine small claims courts. This report recommended a number of reform efforts--some of which could be accomplished by local court rule, and others which required legislative action.

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