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Statewide E-filing

How to start e-filing

Follow our informative user guide to get started with e-filing and avoid mistakes.

Choose an e-filing service provider

Choose the provider that offers the features and support you need.

Get training and support

Access training sessions and self-help resources from your e-filing provider.

When e-filing will come to your county

View a timeline showing when courts will adopt voluntary and mandatory e-filing.

Which courts are already

Get a list of courts and case types in which e-filing is available and/or mandatory.



E-filing in Vigo County now available; mandatory July 25

Attorneys are now required to e-file in Wabash Circuit & Superior Courts

E-filing in St. Joseph County now available; mandatory July 18

About the project

The Indiana Supreme Court is implementing a statewide e-filing system that will allow cases to be filed entirely online, reducing the need for costly paper copies, postage and trips to the clerk's office. The project was announced in 2014, and the first courts will be up-and-running with the new system in 2015. It is anticipated that e-filing will be implemented statewide by the end of 2018.