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Statewide E-filing

The Indiana Supreme Court is implementing a statewide e-filing system that will allow cases to be filed entirely online, reducing the need for costly paper copies, postage and trips to the clerk's office. The project was announced in 2014, and the first courts will be up-and-running with the new system in 2015. It is anticipated that e-filing will be implemented statewide by the end of 2018.

News: FileTime now an option for Indiana e-filers

How it works

Learn about Indiana's e-filing model and how it is designed to provide litigants with their choice of e-filing service providers.

Project timeline

Find out which courts are e-filing and which courts are in line to start using the system.

History of the e-filing project

Learn what led to a statewide e-filing project.

Rules & implementation schedule

Read the rules for e-filing and the schedule for when and where the rules become effective.

E-filing service providers

Find out which companies are certified to provide e-filing services in Indiana.

Filer training and support

Participate in a webinar to learn how to e-file a case.

Project governance

See who is contributing to the project.