Update Contact Information

On this page, you can edit your business name, phone and fax numbers, as well as email and mailing addresses. 

Business address is required

You must provide a business address, even if you are no longer working as an attorney. If you do not have a business address, you can repeat your home address in the business address fields.

Changes in contact information

When your contact information changes, you are required to update the information with the appellate clerk's office within 30 days of the change, and you may do so on the portal. 

When you change the contact information on this page, you are changing the contact information the appellate clerk's office has on file for you, which may affect where the Clerk's Office sends important information, such as appellate orders and opinions and annual registration information. 

Confirming Email Addresses

The portal includes a process for confirming your email address with the Clerk's Office. Email addresses in your attorney record that have not been confirmed are marked with an icon and the text "Email not confirmed with Appellate Clerk." If an email address is confirmed, the message changes to reflect that.

To complete the confirmation process, you will:

  1. Click the "Confirm Email Address(es)" button on the right side of the screen in the "Basic Information" section.
  2. Check the box corresponding to each email address you wish to confirm, then click "Send Confirmation Message."
  3. Within 30 minutes, this will send a message to you from the sender incourts-noreply@subscriptions.in.gov with the subject "Confirm your email address with the Indiana Supreme Court's Roll of Attorneys." Be patient; the email won't arrive instantaneously.
  4. Go to the inbox for each email address to find this message. The message contains a link to "Confirm your email address." Click that link to open the confirmation web page.
  5. If all goes as expected, that page will tell you the confirmation was successful. If instead you get an error at this stage, use this form to send us an email.

Once these steps are complete, you can refresh the Contact Information screen on the portal, and your email status will be updated to show the address is confirmed.

What to do if you did not receive the email confirmation message

There are many possible reasons that you didn't receive the message from the Clerk's Office, and it's important that you get to the bottom of it so you can receive attorney registration notices, orders and opinions, and other important correspondence and documents from the Clerk.

Here are the possible reasons you might not have received the message and what to do about it:

  • The email address you entered is wrong. Every email address is unique and exact, so before you do anything else to solve this problem, double check that you entered your email address on the portal correctly. If it's wrong, that's the reason you didn't get our message.
  • The Clerk's Office email server had the hiccups. Technology doesn't always work when we need it to, and sometimes email just doesn't get sent. Wait a day and try resending the confirmation message. If you still don't receive it, move on down the list.
  • Your email software or service thinks our message is junk. This fix is tricky to describe, because the solution varies depending on the email service you're using. But generally, you can do the following:
    • Add these email domains (courts.in.gov, subscriptions.in.gov, and service.govdelivery.com) to your safe senders list. This might be accomplished in your email settings if you're using a service like Gmail, or in your software options if you're using a program like Outlook, or it might need to be done by the IT staff in your office. If you have access to tech support, this is the time to use it.
    • Check your junk or spam folder, which is a folder under your inbox that some email services use to sequester messages it thinks might not be legit.

If you or your IT department need assistance in this matter, use this form to send us an email.

What to do if you received a confirmation message but didn't request it

Any time you make a change to your email address--whether through the portal or other correspondence with a Supreme Court office--we will automatically send you a confirmation message.

We won't change your address unless you initiate it. However, it might be staff in the Clerk's Office or the Commission for CLE, or staff in your own office, who made the change in our computer system--at your request--which will automatically send you the confirmation message. So even if you didn't use the portal to request a confirmation, you may still have initiated the process.

If you or your designated account administrator did not make this change, you should sign in to the portal and verify that all of your information is correct.  If you think your account was accessed by someone without your permission, you should change your password and security questions as well.  We recommend you never share your password with anyone.