Pipeline Safety Division


Welcome to the IURC’s Pipeline Safety Division webpage, where you will find information regarding pipeline safety investigations, Indiana’s “Call Before You Dig” law, industry reports and federal data, and administrative materials and forms for system operators.

Indiana’s Pipeline Safety Division receives its federal authority from the U.S. Department of Transportation to conduct inspections, investigate incidents, and enforce federal safety regulations and state statutes and rules. The division also monitors and evaluates regulatory and policy initiatives and advises the Commission about proceedings initiated by Indiana’s system operators. It is also responsible for educating public officials and emergency responders on how to recognize, report, and respond to gas-related emergencies.

Additionally, the division is responsible investigating alleged violations of Indiana's Damage to Underground Facilities Act (IC ch. 8-1-26) and reporting its findings to the Underground Plant Protection Advisory Committee.



Indiana's Damage to Underground Facilities Act

Pipeline Safety Rules, Statistics, and Analysis

  • Title 49: Transportation, Part 192 - Transportation of Natural Gas and Other Gas by Pipeline: Minimum Federal Safety Standards: Link
  • Pipeline Safety Division Enforcement Activity: Statistics (PSD Enforcement Activity)
  • Interstate Pipeline Construction in Indiana: Guidelines and Projects

Industry Reports and Federal Data

Additional Resources

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