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State Road 641 Terre Haute Bypass

State Road 641 Terre Haute Bypass


Also known as the Terre Haute Bypass, S.R. 641 will create a new 6.2 mile, four-lane, divided highway from U.S. 41 south of Terre Haute to S.R. 46 at I-70. S.R. 641 will reduce congestion and provide much needed relief to motorists who use U.S. 41 (Dixie Bee Highway) on a regular basis. The bypass will: Provide better access to Vigo County residents through an alternative route around the congested segment of U.S. 41; Improve conditions along U.S. 41 for users accessing congested commercial areas; Provide a bypass for through travelers between U.S. 41 south and I-70 east; Improve access to and between commercial transportation hubs and the Vigo County Industrial Park; and Reduce the overall rate and severity of accidents along U.S. 41.

Embankment operations are underway along with paving on this $25.2 million section, from just north of Feree Road to south of Moyer Road, and contractor Walsh Construction is continuing with construction of the five bridge structures. 

Phase IV of this project extends from just south of Moyer Road to I-70. Crews will complete all the ramps at the I-70 interchange plus the eastbound and westbound I-70 bridge structures and construct S.R. 641 from Moyer Road to I-70 and finish the Little Honey Creek stream mitigation on this $46.8 million section.

Motorists are encouraged to watch for lane restrictions periodically on I-70 throughout the remainder of this year and below on State Road 46.  The contractor is in the process of rebuilding the westbound I-70 bridge.

The new divided highway was opened to traffic in January 2017.