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  • Senate Enrolled Act No. 347 requires all public water utilities in the State of Indiana to provide to the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) a Non-Revenue Water Audit as identified in the American Water Works Association Manual of Water Supply Practices M-36. The actual act and legislator contact information is below.
  • The Act further requires that the IFA conduct a study and analysis of the infrastructure needs of the water utilities in the State of Indiana and submit a report on the study and analysis to the legislative services agency no later than November 1, 2016.
  • WHY-FI WATER is the name IFA is using to identify the two tasks required by Senate Enrolled Act No. 347.
  • HELP IS AVAILABLE -This web page has been developed to assist the water utilities in complying with the law regarding Non-Revenue Water Audits and the study and analysis of water infrastructure needs.
  • Per Senate Enrolled Act No. 347, IFA will use the water resources data in a manner that protects the confidential information of the owners of the water facilities and in accordance with IC 5-14-3-4.

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