Delegation of Purchasing Authority Program

Training Materials

Delegation of Purchasing Authority Program (DPAP) Manual | (.pdf)

Online Training Exercises: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Templates and Documents

DPAP Solicitation Summary Form | (.xls)

Notice of Addendum to Solicitation | (.pdf)

Quotation Confirmation Form | (.pdf)

Terms and Conditions | (.pdf)

State Forms

Notification of Surplus State-Owned Property | SF 13812

Report of Vendor Performance | SF 21322

Special Procurement Request Form | SF 54650

Special Procurement Request Instructions | SF 54650

When searching the IARA website for a State Form:
Click on the gray button that says “State Employee Login”, enter your user name, password and domain and click “ok”, when the search page comes up enter the State Form number in the field and click “search”.