Reporting a Wetland Complaint or a Violation

IDEM regulates activities in lakes, rivers and streams and wetlands to ensure that those activities maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of these waters. Any person or company discharging fill materials into Indiana wetlands or other waterbodies such as streams, rivers, and lakes by filling, excavating, open-trench cutting, or mechanical clearing are required to obtain authorization for the activities. If these activities are performed without authorization, a violation may exist and can be reported as a complaint online.

Wetlands and Storm Water Section

Section 401 Water Quality Certification project managers review projects, respond to potential violations, and monitor wetland related activities across the state of Indiana.  To provide the most efficient service and maintain single points of contact, staff are divided geographically; each project manager is responsible for a set of counties within Indiana.  When calling, e-mailing, or writing to the 401 program, first determine the county in which the wetland, project, or potential violation is located, and then contact the appropriate project manager.

Note that in addition to project review, managers often coordinate other tasks, such as outreach, mitigation banking, rule development, or represent the department on inter-agency projects, such as the Indiana Wetland Conservation Plan.

The Wetlands Program (Section 401 WQC and isolated Wetlands) is part of the Wetlands and Storm Water Section within the Office of Water Quality. Staff within these programs administers their respective programs in relation to permitting, compliance, and outreach. However, as part of the Section, staff from both program areas coordinate on projects for which activities may be associated with either program area.

Contact the Office of Water Quality Section 401 WQC Program

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Water Quality Surface Water, Operations & Enforcement Branch
Wetlands and Storm Water Section, Section 401 WQC Program
100 N. Senate Avenue IGCN 1255
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 233-8488
Fax: (317) 234-4145

State Regulated Wetlands and Section 401 WQC Program Staff

  • Section Chief Wetlands and Storm Water: Randy Braun, CPESC, CPMSM, (317) 234-3980
Regional Project Managers
INDOT Projects Statewide