Welcome to the IDEM rules information web-site. This site has information on all on-going rulemaking projects, an archive of recently completed rules, and information on the two rulemaking boards charged with adopting rules to be implemented and administered by IDEM. Those two boards are the Environmental Rules Board and the Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Board. The Environmental Rules Board was created in the 2012 Indiana General Assembly and replaces the Air Pollution Control Board, Water Pollution Control Board, and Solid Waste Management Board. The new Environmental Rules Board will adopt the rules for all three media. Board packets for both boards can be accessed from this site.

Environmental Boards

Rulemaking Schedules Table

All dates presented in this table are tentative and subject to change at any time. To determine when a specific rule will be presented to the ERB for board action, please refer to the agenda for each ERB meeting when it is posted. Additional information on each rule, such as the written comment periods, can be found under the specific Title or by calling the rule contact listed for each rule.

Rules in Progress

Visit the Rules In Progress pages to determine the status of all IDEM rulemaking efforts. You'll find rulemaking documents and the last and next action of all IDEM rulemakings currently under way.

Board Packets

Check out the latest information about rulemakings going before IDEM boards. Use the following links to find current and previous board packets:

Board Meetings Transcripts

Rules Archive

Check out the Rules Archive for materials, board packets, or other information regarding rules passed outside the current calendar year.

Legislative Information

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The IDEM Rules site has been updated to reflect the consolidation of the former Air Pollution Control, Water Pollution Control, and Solid Waste Management boards into the new Environmental Rules Board (ERB). If you would like to receive electronic notification of ERB activities, you will need to sign up for Subscriptions. If you have already requested information from any of the former boards, you will need to update your subscriptions to receive notifications about the ERB.