Due July 1, 2014, however if you decide to register your mare AFTER July 1, you will need to register her and breed back to an Indiana Registered Stallion.  For more information regarding this rule please click here (page 2).

Breed Development Identification Form For Embryo Transfer Recipient Mares

*Mare applications are to be completed annually.

Please Note:  Even if your mare is registered for a particular year, if the foal was not registered with Indiana it will not be Indiana Bred (IB) eligible.  Please make sure to register your foal within 1 year of the foaling date.  Foals that are not registered within their 1st year of the foaling date will have a late fee assessed.  The breakdown of late fees are as follows:

12 months and 1 day to December 31st of the yearling year: $200 late fee
2 years old: $400 late fee
3 years old and older: $1,000 late fee

A list of registered foals can be found by clicking here.

If you move your mare(s):

The IHRC must know where your horse is located during the required residency timeframe(s).  You may notify us by submitting the Change of Residency form either online by clicking here or by printing out the form and either mailing or faxing the form to our office at:

Indiana Horse Racing Commission
1302 N. Meridian Street, Suite 175
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 233-4470 Fax

If you have any questions about Indiana Quarter Horse Mare Registration or the Indiana Quarter Horse Breed Development Program, please contact Jessica Barnes at or you can contact our office at (317) 233-3119.