Motorized Recreation


Motorized recreation in Indiana includes both snowmobiling and off-road vehicle (ORV) recreation. Geography and weather separate the two programs, but they have much in common. Both programs are:

  • Funded using registration revenue
  • Regulated by Indiana Code and Indiana Administrative Code
  • Administered by the DNR Division of Outdoor Recreation
  • Successes due to partnerships with volunteers
  • Safe and fun outdoor recreational sports

Snowmobile and ORV registration and titles

As of January 2014, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) handles all snowmobile and ORV registrations. IC 14-16-1 requires that all snowmobile and ORVs purchased after December 31, 2003 be registered; only a few exceptions apply.

At this time, out-of-state ORVs must register through the Indiana BMV if not registered in their home state. Registration must include 1) a registration number specific to the ORV, 2) owner name & address, 3) ORV year, 4) manufacturer, 5) make, 6) model, and 7) VIN. A trail permit is not a registration. Out-of-state owners will have to apply in-person at a Indiana BMV branch. Out-of-state visitors to Redbird SRA  and Interlake SRA  can purchase an Out of State motorized permit that allows them to ride only at these two DNR properties without registration in Indiana or their home state. Please contact the properties for details.

IC 9-17-2 states an ORV must obtain a certificate of title. This is the same process as getting a title for your car or boat and is done through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). While not required for snowmobiles at this time, it’s highly encouraged.

Indiana Snowmobile and ORV Laws


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