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Protector of Indiana's Environment


Protect Indiana’s Land, Waters and Wildlife with the Environmental License Plate

By choosing the blue Environmental Plate, you are doing your part to preserve Indiana’s natural heritage. All of the funds received from plate renewals are used for projects that protect the land, waters, and wildlife of Indiana so all Hoosiers can enjoy these natural treasures for generations to come.

Sales of the Environmental Plate have already saved more than 62,000 acres of Indiana’s natural heritage, including:

  • Nature Preserves
  • State Parks
  • Forests
  • Fish & Wildlife Areas
  • Outdoor Recreation Areas
  • Historic Sites

This translates into more areas for Hoosiers to go:

  • Camping
  • Biking
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Bird-watching
  • Trail-riding
  • Boating

Be a part of the effort to keep Indiana such a wonderful place to call home. When you renew, choose blue.

What is the connection between the Environmental Plate and the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust?

Launched in 1992 as Indiana’s first specialty license plate, the Environmental Plate originally generated funding for the Indiana Heritage Trust with a mission to conserve Indiana’s natural resources and habitats. Since that time, funds from plate sales have helped protect tens of thousands of acres of land for conservation. In 2016, the General Assembly re-named the Indiana Heritage Trust to honor President Benjamin Harrison’s efforts on behalf of conservation. The President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust relies on funds raised through the sale of the Environmental Plate to acquire and protect lands that represent outstanding natural resources and habitats, or have recreational, historical or archaeological significance.

Why President Benjamin Harrison?

President Benjamin Harrison was elected the 23rd president in 1888 and served from 1889-1893. He remains the only United States President elected from the State of Indiana. As President, Harrison set aside more than 13 million acres of land for National Forest Reserves and opened our second, third, and fourth national parks (Sequoia, General Grant, and Yosemite).

How much does the Plate cost and how are the fees allocated?

The Environmental Plate costs $40, which includes a $15 Bureau of Motor Vehicles processing fee. The remaining $25 goes directly toward protection of Indiana’s land, waters and wildlife.

Can I donate funds without purchasing an Environmental Plate?

Absolutely! Private donations to the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund are happily accepted at anytime. When you make a private donation, 100 percent of the funds go toward our preservation efforts. Make a donation.

Ready to renew?

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