Enforcement Efforts

Here are the current State Excise Police enforcement projects:

CIS (Cops In Shops)

Cops in Shops, a program developed by The Century Council, is possible in Indiana thanks to funding provided to the Excise police by the Governor's Council on Impaired and Dangerous Driving. Cops in Shops is an enforcement program where Excise officers pose as employees or customers at licensed dealer establishments. As the program grows and expands, persons under the legal age of twenty-one who enter licensed premises with the intent of purchasing alcoholic beverages will never know if or when the person behind the counter is an Excise officer. Upon attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages, the minor will be arrested by the officer. Officers also observe for intoxicated patrons attempting to make purchases and take appropriate enforcement action. While working CIS details, officers and employees have an opportunity to share information. Clerks learn the finer points of checking ID's, while Excise officers observe first-hand the daily problems the industry experiences in its attempts to prevent underage access to alcoholic beverages. If you are a licensed Indiana dealer and you are interested in participating in the CIS program, contact the Excise district for the county your business is located in.

Intensified Patrols

Intensified patrols are enforcement details designed to target locations and functions that have been identified as having a potential for problems with alcohol and/or tobacco use. Examples include concerts, sporting and community events, and other locations were the affected age groups may be present in increased numbers. Often these problem locations are identified by concerned citizens in the local community.

SAC (Survey of Alcohol Compliance)

The Survey of Alcohol Compliance is conducted by the Indiana State Excise Police to evaluate the availability of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. SAC inspections consist of ISEP Officers and 18-20 year-old youths who attempt to obtain alcohol at licensed retail establishments. Conducted in phases, the primary goal is to reduce access and availability of alcoholic beverages to Indiana youth. As part of this program, the agency has contracted with the Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University, who is responsible for recruiting and hiring the youth that assist with these inspections. Visit the SAC Information page. 

SUDS (Stop Underage Drinking & Sales)

SUDS is a federally funded program that pays officers overtime for working details where there is a high concentration of underage drinking. The primary goal of SUDS is to reduce the acquisition of alcoholic beverages by those individuals who are not legally entitled to possess them. By reducing access to alcoholic beverages through education and enforcement, the number of young individuals who will be injured or killed can be greatly reduced.

TRIP (Tobacco Retailer Inspection Program)

Contracting with off-duty police officers from other agencies and the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, the Indiana State Excise Police utilize inspection teams made up of young people aged 15, 16, or 17, and adult monitors. These teams conduct unannounced inspections of retail outlets that sell tobacco throughout Indiana. The youths involved in the program attempt to purchase cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, or cigars. If a sale is made, the officer immediately issues a Notice of Violation to the storeowner and clerk. The Alcohol & Tobacco Commission prosecutor then issues notices of a civil monetary penalty and handles prosecution of violators. Penalties may range from $50 to $500 depending on the number of infractions committed. Follow this link to learn more about the TRIP program and be sure to visit the Indiana Prevention Resource Center TRIP page.