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Welcome to the Indiana Agritourism and Farmers' Market Online Directory! ISDA, in partnership with the Indiana Office of Tourism Development, created the Directory to help Hoosiers and visitors find agritourism destinations and locally-grown food across the state. The Directory is exclusively on-line with interactive capabilities to allow consumers to easily search for their preferred product or destination.
94% of Indiana’s pork farms are family owned and operated and 33% of in home pork consumption takes place at breakfast.
In Indiana, there are more than 28,000 premises registered for cattle production with a total 960,000 head of cattle.
Indiana experienced a 222% increase in the number of farmers markets (Wilmont, 2006).
Did you know the leanest cuts of pork have “loin” in their name?
A fresh perspective - Indiana has more than 120 farmers’ markets across the state.
It’s no hogwash, pork tenderloin is just as lean as skinless chicken breast!
Hoosiers bought more than $22 million in agricultural products directly from farmers in 2007.
Whether its cuac cuac en español, coin coin en français, or quack quack in English, Indiana leads the nation in commercial duck production.
Want the real scoop? Indiana is ranked #2 in ice cream production!
No alektrophobia (fear of chickens) here; Indiana’s poultry industry ranks second in the country for egg-type chicken hatching.
Grape news! Indiana wineries attract more than 2 million visitors annually, which contribute millions to Indiana’s economy.
Indiana farmers average 38,100 pounds of pumpkins per acre and produce about 123 million pounds of pumpkins per year! That’s a lot of pumpkin pie!
Milk and honey are the only substances never intended for any use other than food. They cannot be planted, grafted or cultivated to reproduce themselves.
Indiana has 287 organic farms, covering 14,143 acres.
An average market hog has 371 servings of pork.
Next time you make fajitas, make them with one of the 29 cuts of beef labeled as lean by the USDA ( ) for a meal packed full of Protein, Zinc and Vitamin B12.
Indiana currently has 63 producers that have completed the voluntary Certified Livestock Producer Program. These producers cover all species; cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry, and fish.
Hoosier farmers grow more than 30 different major fruits and vegetables each year.
Bee-lieve it! From crop pollination to honey production, bees are an important part of Indiana agriculture.
Poultry Power. Indiana is ranked #3 in egg-laying hens. More than 25 million egg laying hens in Indiana produce more than 6.4 billion eggs annually. It takes one laying hen 26 hours to produce an egg.
While it may be “udderly” unbelievable, all 50 states have dairy farms; 98% of Indiana dairy farms are family owned.