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Living in Indiana & Benefits

Indiana Veterans Benefits

The mission of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs is to assist Hoosier Veterans, service personnel, their dependents and/or survivors in obtaining every benefit and advantage due them under the laws of the State of Indiana and the United States. The Department works with a network of certified County Veteran Service Officers who are there to assist with information and the preparation of paperwork at no cost.

Below are some of the key state benefits available. Click on the benefit titles to learn more or visit

College tuition for children of disabled veterans
Provides free or discounted college tuition for children that of disabled veterans that joined the military while living in Indiana or have lived in Indiana for at least 5 years before using the benefit.

College tuition for Purple Heart recipients
Provides free tuition for children of veterans that entered active duty while living in Indiana and received the Purple Heart Medal.

Property Tax Deductions
There are several property tax deductions that range from $12,480 to $24,960. The amount of deduction depends on a number of criteria including disability status, wartime service, and property value.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses
Indiana resident veterans that have received a service-connected disability rating can purchase a hunting and fishing license for a reduced rate.

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