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Financial Education in the Classroom

The Indiana MoneyWise Financial Education Program is delivered directly to community members who are at the brink of making impactful financial decision for the first time - high school students. The Indiana Secretary of State's Office has partnered with EVERFI to offer digital financial education to high school students across Indiana at no cost to schools or taxpayers.   

The 6-8 hour web-based curriculum aligns with state and national financial education standards and prepares students to be responsible stewards of their financial future. The course covers everything from financing higher education to credit scores to investing. Each module provides bite-sized, instructional animations to make each topic approachable and relatable to students. 

The Indiana MoneyWise Financial Education Program started as a pilot program during the 2016-2017 school year, supporting more than 2,200 students in 26 schools with quality, accessible financial education. Thanks to overwhelmingly positive feedback from participating parents, teachers, and students, Secretary Lawson has expanded the program statewide. 

The Indiana MoneyWise Financial Education Program is recommended for grade levels 9-12. There are nine course modules which take 40-50 minutes each to complete, for a total of 6-8 hours of education. The program aligns with Jump$tart, national, and Indiana financial literacy standards and fits within business, career technical education (CTE), economics, and social studies classes. 

Key Highlights

As a teacher, you receive: 

  • Real-time student score reports on your teacher dashboard
  • Supplemental, online lesson plans
  • Detailed standards alignment guide with Indiana-specific standards
  • Answer keys for all assessments
  • Engaging discussion guides

Your students will receive: 

  • Engaging animations providing explicit, direct instruction on new topics
  • Guided practice activities that reinforce financial knowledge and skills
  • Immersive, interactive learning experience 

Course Elements

Pedagogy based on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Teach for Understanding (TFU) frameworks: 

  • Engaging multi-media content for all types of learners
  • Pre, post, and formative assessments for evidence-based learning
  • Certificate-based skill development

Topics Covered: 

  • Saving
  • Banking
  • Payment Types
  • Credit Scores
  • Higher Education
  • Renting vs. Owning
  • Insurance and Taxes
  • Consumer Protection
  • Investing 

If you are an educator interested in bringing financial education to your school, please visit everfi.com/login or contact our Senior Investor Education Coordinator, Kelly Griese, at 317-233-3985 or kgriese@sos.in.gov