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Is there a solution for opioid use disorder?

Attacking the opioid epidemic is one of Governor Eric Holcomb’s top priorities to take Indiana to the Next Level. Governor Holcomb created the new position of executive director for drug treatment, prevention and enforcement by executive order his first day in office.

To learn more about the Governor’s vision and goals, click here.

What you can do.

Each county in Indiana has a Local Coordinating Council (LCC), which is the planning and coordinating body for addressing alcohol and other drug problems. LCC members include volunteers from a variety of organizations including education, treatment, social services, and local police.

Contact your county LCC to see how you can help fight the epidemic in your community.

What employers can do.

Recognize that opioid use disorder is a chronic disease that is treatable. Work to reduce the stigma that comes along with opioid use disorder. This stigma makes employees feel like they have to hide their disorder because they fear losing their jobs.

View statistics on the impact of opioids on employers.

The Stigma of Opioid Use Disorder

People who struggle with addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin (known as opioids) face a wide range of stigmas. A stigma is a mark of disgrace that sets a person or a group apart. When people are labeled primarily because of their addiction, they are being negatively stereotyped. Biased, hurtful words, attitudes and behaviors represent prejudices against people with opioid use disorder, and can often lead to their discrimination and social exclusion. Stigmas can also create physical and mental barriers that stop people from seeking treatment.

Do you Know the Facts?