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Strategic Approach


Improve people’s lives and build stronger, healthier communities.


With an initial focus on opioids, we will develop and implement a data-driven system focused on substance abuse prevention, early intervention, treatment, recovery, and enforcement that substantially reduces the prevalence of substance use disorder (SUD) in Indiana and helps those with SUD achieve recovery and become or return to being productive, contributing members of their communities.


We will coordinate, align, and focus the resources of Indiana state government and leverage the resources of other public sector entities and other sectors—including businesses, higher education institutions, health care systems, philanthropies, and not-for-profit organizations—to respond to the current opioid crisis and enhance the potential for timely responses to future crises resulting from substance abuse and addictions.

Toward that end, we will develop and implement complementary public health and public safety strategies that: Recognize substance use disorder as a chronic disease and incorporate prevention, treatment, and recovery systems accordingly, and are designed to reduce the supply of and demand for illicit substances.

Key Principles:

  • Data Driven: Data will inform all systems and programs created for government, individuals, families and providers—evolving as learning increases and as Indiana’s drug crisis changes.
  • Comprehensive and Holistic: Indiana’s approach will be multi-faceted and focused on substance abuse prevention, early intervention, treatment, recovery and enforcement.
  • Collaborative: The state will align and focus the efforts of multiple state agencies that currently provide substance abuse services and resources. Further, Indiana’s approach makes clear that local communities, state officials, and the federal government must all have a stake in helping overcoming the drug crisis.

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