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Cessation Benefits

Most smokers want to quit smoking, and about 6 in 10 Hoosiers who smoke tried to quit in the past year.  By providing a smoke-free worksite and offering cessation benefits, employers can support successful cessation and in turn receive a healthier, more productive, and less costly workforce.

Four things employers can do to promote employee cessation:

  1. Provide a smoke-free worksite.
  2. Offer cessation benefits in your health plan including:
    • Coverage for multiple forms of counseling (individual, group, or telephone)
    • FDA-approved cessation medications
    • Reduced barriers to cessation, including minimizing co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs to employees
    • Coverage of cessation services for spouses, dependents, and retirees
  3.  Implement workplace programs that encourage employees to quit.
  4. Become a Quit Now Preferred Employer for access to free materials and resources to help your employees quit.