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Impact of the Indiana Tobacco Quitline

On average, about 10,000 tobacco users in Indiana call the Indiana Tobacco Quitline each year for help quitting tobacco use.  Since its beginning in 2006, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline has helped thousands of Hoosiers who want to quit tobacco.

  • Since 2006, over 110,000 Hoosier tobacco users have called the Quitline.
  • Over 2,000 pregnant tobacco users in Indiana have received Quitline services.

Satisfaction rates

Tobacco users who utilize the Indiana Tobacco Quitline report high levels of satisfaction with the services they receive.

  • Over 9 in 10 tobacco users receiving Quitline services were satisfied with the program.
  • Nearly 95% of Quitline clients would recommend the program to other tobacco users.

Return on investment

Quitlines are a cost-effective way to help tobacco users quit.  For every $1 spent on the Indiana Tobacco Quitline in 2014, the Quitline saved an estimated $17.85 in costs such as medical expenditures and lost productivity.