State of the Judiciary

The State of the Judiciary Address is given each year by the Chief Justice of Indiana to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly in the House of Representatives Chamber at the Indiana State House. Following are transcripts from each address. In more recent years, a webcast of the event is also available.


Year Title (click for transcript and video) PDF
2020 Connecting, Convening, and Collaborating with our Communities PDF
2019 Addressing the Needs of Our Customers PDF
2018 A Hope-Filled Future PDF
2017 Praise for our Partners in Justice PDF
2016 A Constitution Powerful in its Simplicity, Clear in its Mandate PDF
2015 Indiana Courts: Working to Fulfill the Promise of Justice PDF
2014 State of the Judiciary PDF
2013 State of the Judiciary PDF
2012 On the Way to Something Better PDF
2011 Burdened but Unbowed PDF
2010 Dealing With The Recession: A Court System That Won’t Roll Over PDF
2009 A Court System for Tough Times PDF
2008 A Court System with Reform in its Heart PDF
2007 Most Justice Happens in the County Courthouse PDF
2006 Indiana's Place in American Court Reform: Rarely First, Occasionally Last, Frequently Early PDF
2005 "Good Enough" Is Not Good Enough PDF
2004 A Difficult Year that Prompted Reflection PDF
2003 Judges Building a Stronger Indiana PDF
2002 The Changing Nature of Courts PDF
2001 Counsel, Computers, Compensation, and a Few Words About Dimpled Chads PDF
2000 What Has Indiana Done About This? PDF
1999 A Judiciary With A Plan For Its Future PDF
1998 Indiana Courts as Servants of Their Communities PDF
1997 Trying Something New PDF
1996 The Challenge of a Challenged Profession PDF
1995 1995 Is Bound To Be A Better Year PDF
1994 Cheaper, Faster, Simpler PDF
1993 Work Finished and Work Ahead PDF
1992 Making Progress in Hard Times PDF
1991 Doing More with Less PDF
1990 In Search of Excellence PDF
1989 A New Indiana Judiciary PDF
1988 A New Beginning PDF