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Justice Biographies

Click on the name of each Justice for a biography and photo. For group pictures of the Court, visit the Court's Flickr gallery.

Current Justices

 Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush (108)

[November 7, 2012 -]

 Justice Steven H. David (106)

[October 18, 2010 -]

 Justice Mark S. Massa (107)

[April 2, 2012 -]

 Justice Geoffrey G. Slaughter (109)

[June 13, 2016 -]

 Justice Christopher M. Goff (110)

[July 24, 2017 -]

 Biographies of all Indiana Supreme Court Justices (PDF)
  • Biography Source: Browning, Minde C., Richard Humphrey, and Bruce Kleinschmidt. "Biographical Sketches of Indiana Supreme Court Justices." Indiana Law Review: Vol. 30, No. 1, 1997.
  • Picture Source: The images of Indiana's Supreme Court Justices were scanned from the portraits hanging in the Supreme Court Courtroom.
Historic listing of Indiana Supreme Court Justices since 1816 (Sortable)