Documents and Forms

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Staff Update Form    
2007 Legislative Changes to Sex Offender Registry
& Sexually Violent Predator law
Intrastate Probation Transfer Rules PDF 5
Probation User's Fee Memo PDF 3
2006 Legislative Changes to Sex Offender Registry & DNA Samples from Felons PDF 4
Sex Offender Special Conditions (Adult) PDF 4
Sex Offender Special Conditions (Juvenile) PDF 2


Document     Pages
Policy for Revocation of Probation Officer n/a PDF 1
Case Classification & Workload Measures System n/a PDF 65
Indiana Probation Standards n/a PDF 22
Safety & Security Guide n/a PDF 30

Juvenile Probation Documents and Forms

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KidTraks User Training for Probation   PDF 39
Referral Wizard Guide for Probation Officers   PDF 32
Juvenile Delinquency Permanency Roundtable Protocol n/a PDF 5
Juvenile Delinquency Permanency Roundtable Case Summary Word  n/a 2
Juvenile Delinquency Permanency Roundtable Action Plan Word n/a 7
Residential Placement Review Protocol n/a PDF  2
Residential Placement Review Report and Recommendations Word   1
Indiana Bill of Rights for Youth in Foster Care n/a PDF 3
Step Down Policy n/a PDF 2
Disruption Policy n/a PDF 3
Termination of Parental Rights Protocol n/a PDF 6
Dual Status Resource Notebook n/a PDF 36
Dual Status Youth MOU Word n/a 3
Foster Care Verification Form Word n/a 1