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International Peer-to-Peer Helpline for Judges Seeking Assistance

Judges in need of assistance due to addiction or mental health issues may speak to other judges who are in recovery or who have gone through treatment by calling a helpline sponsored by the American Bar Association. Judges who have volunteered to be a personal resource to other judges throughout the US and Canada are uniquely positioned to share their experiences, strengths and hope with their colleagues from other states.

Both judges in need of help and those interested in serving as peer-to-peer volunteers should call 800.219.6474 during business hours Central time. All information is confidential and protected by statute.

The International Judges' Assistance Helpline is a service of the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs Judicial Assistance Initiative and administered by the Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program.  Indiana has judges volunteering for the Helpline, but it is also available to any Indiana judge seeking support and guidance but reluctant to talk to another in-state judge about his or her personal issues.  Anyone wanting more information about the Helpline may call the Indiana JLAP office or the 800 number above for additional information.

Contact Information

Indiana Judges and Lawyers
Assistance Program
320 N. Meridian St., Suite 606
Indianapolis, IN 46204

PHO: 317-833-0370
TOLL FREE: 866-428-5527
FAX: 317-833-0371

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