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There are 1.5 million court cases filed in Indiana each year, and millions more pieces of data are created by trial courts, city and town courts, small claims courts and probation departments. The Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration (Division) is required to collect these extensive case statistics and financial data and compile them in an annual multiple-volume series called the Indiana Judicial Service Report.

Examples of data collected each year include:

  • number of cases filed, pending, and closed
  • method of case disposition
  • court and probation expenditures
  • juvenile and adult probation statistics and demographics
  • various other statistics

In addition to reporting these statistics, the Division analyzes new case filings and judicial resources using Weighted Caseload Measurements (WCM). This allows the Division and trial judges to better understand workloads, and is one method used to compare the relative caseloads of one court to another. The WCM also helps ensure an even distribution of cases between judges and determine how much assistance courts need to handle heavy caseloads.

To compile and analyze these millions of pieces of data, Court Technology developed a secure web-based application that allows trial courts, small claims courts, detention centers, public defenders and probation departments to submit statistical and financial data electronically. In addition to electronic submission of data, this system will provide reports in real time on statistics and performance measures for court staff and the public.

The Problem

Prior to 2007, all reports and forms—with the exception of the Quarterly Case Status Report (QCSR) — are completed manually by judges, clerks, and other court officers. Electronic versions of the forms can be downloaded from the Division’s website and typed, rather than handwritten, but data from the forms is still collected manually.  The disadvantages of the old system include:

  • Data entry errors
  • Untimely submission of reports and forms
  • No "real-time" validation or reporting capabilities
  • Reports not fully searchable
  • Printing and postage costs

The Solution

Our new web-based system is available through INcite (Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet). This allows courts to electronically submit statistical and financial data for the annual Judicial Service Publication and Indiana Probation Reports.

All courts are mandated to submit their forms through INcite. 

1st Quarter forms due by April 10th of the current year.
2nd Quarter forms due by July 10th of the current year.
Semi-Annual forms due July 10th of the current year.
3rd Quarter forms due by October 10th of the current year.
Annual forms due by January 20th of the following year.

Advantages of the new platform:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Odyssey users import data directly into ICOR 
  • Make records available in "real time"
  • Decrease human error by providing courts with a secure, web-based system, INcite
  • Create searchable reports
  • Making data available on court's website, better serving the courts, public, and state and federal agencies

If you are a user of the ICOR system and need assistance,
please contact the HelpDesk at 1-888-275-5822.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about this project, please contact Gaye Lynn Strickland at 317.232.0991 or