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The Indiana Office of Defense Development (IODD) was established by Executive Order 13-6 in January of 2013 and soon after established by Senate Bill 529 with 100% backing by both the Indiana House and Senate membership. IODD falls under the Lieutenant Governor’s family of businesses and plans to capitalize on the rich heritage Indiana has of serving our nation in the area of defense. Indiana is an extremely patriotic state and Hoosiers place a high value on Indiana’s defense installations and defense related industry. Indiana has the fourth largest National Guard and is consistently one of the largest military recruiting states on a per capita basis.

Over recent years, Indiana’s major defense installations have increased their military value in the eyes of the DoD while at the same time increasing their value to the state. In terms of high value jobs and opportunities, IODD will leverage defense technologies and assets to attract new commercial applications, new Hoosier companies and additional jobs.


IODD  focuses on growing Indiana’s defense sector by promoting the defense assets located in Indiana. We work to create new products which preserve and grow Indiana’s military installations as well as attract companies, both presently in Indiana and those interested in relocating, to retain and grow the defense related industry in Indiana. IODD assists in the commercialization of DoD and other federal intellectual property and assets creating additional high quality jobs for Indiana.

IODD develops goals and strategies in the three key areas of Installations, Industry and Innovation.


Indiana will be the go to place for the New Defense and National Security Environment.

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