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Jefferson Proving Ground

Jefferson Proving Ground

Jefferson Proving Ground MapJefferson Proving Ground was a munitions testing facility located just north of Madison, Indiana and occupied over 55,000 acres. The grounds operated from December 1940 to September 1995. After closure, a majority of the land was turned into Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. A small oversight unit is still in place at the facility to manage decommisioning of the grounds. BRAC 1995 scheduled the site for closure after cleanup; however, in 1998 the Indiana Air National Guard acquired over 1,000 acres of the Proving Ground and created the Jefferson Air-to-Ground Gunnery Range. Given the importance of the services provided at the gunnery range and its location to Muscatatuck Urban Training Center and the UAV test range, it is possible for the remaining portion of the base to avoid complete closure—scheduled for September 2013.

The Indiana Air National Guard has several practice tools at their disposal at the range, which include 14 Weapons Impact Scoring Set (WISS), 3 Air Scored Targets, 3 Strafe Targets, and 1 2.75” Rocket Target.



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