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The Indiana Pregnancy Promise Program is a free, voluntary program for pregnant Medicaid members who use opioids or have used opioids in the past. The program ensures individuals’ privacy and confidentiality. The Pregnancy Promise Program connects individuals to prenatal and postpartum care, other physical and mental health care, and treatment for opioid use disorder. The Pregnancy Promise Program provides support during the prenatal period and for 12 months after the end of pregnancy. Through these supports and relationships, the Pregnancy Promise Program provides hope to parents and babies and sets a strong foundation for their future. Now offering a child care benefit for all enrollees.

Why is the Indiana Pregnancy Promise Program Important?

  • Opioid use disorder during pregnancy is increasing in Indiana and nationwide
  • Treatment of opioid use disorder during pregnancy has a high rate of success
  • Treating opioid use during pregnancy reduces the risks of harmful effects to mothers and infants

Who can participate?

The Pregnancy Promise Program is available to pregnant individuals in the state of Indiana. To be eligible participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Pregnant or within the 90 days of the end of pregnancy
  • Identify as having current or previous opioid use
  • Be eligible for or receive Medicaid health coverage

Please contact the Pregnancy Promise Program with any questions or for more information:

Email or call 888-467-2717 or 317-234-5336

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