Letting Definitions & Schedules*
Letting Information
Bidders & Planholders Registration Form: The form used to register as a bidder and/or planholder for a contract. Contractors desiring to submit electronic bids via Bid Express must register with INDOT as a valid bidder. Failure to register as a valid bidder will cause failure of the Bid Express bid submission process (Prequalification & Bidding Process Info). Posted within 24 hours of Notice to Contractors, and updated as needed.
Notice to Contractors (NTC): Written bulletin inviting bids for work to be performed, listing the type of work, location, qualification requirements, and the cost of the bidding documents. Usually posted 4 weeks prior to the Letting Date.
Schedule of Pay Items (SOPI): A part of the proposal book which shows pay items, quantities, and pay units for the contract. Posted with Notice to Contractors.
Supplemental Notice: Contains additions or revisions to the Notice to Contractors. Posted as needed up to 2 weeks prior to Letting Date.
Letting Results
Affirmative Action Certification (AAC): After a contract has been awarded, this document certifies which Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) the contractor will use on the project in order to meet the DBE goal required by the contract. Posted within 3 days of Official Bid Results.
Apparent Bid Results: A report for each proposal opened and read at the bid opening. The report shows the names of all bidders and their bid amount, the engineer's estimate. Posted within 24 hours of Letting Date.
Official Bid Results: A report for each proposal opened and read at the bid opening. The report shows the names of all bidders and their bid amount, the engineer's estimate, and the official action by the Commissioner on the bids received. Posted approximately 2 weeks after Letting Date.
Unit Tab Results: A report listing the unit price, extension amount, and bid total for all bidders on contracts awarded. Posted within 1 week of Official Bid Results.
Additional Information
Bidders & Planholders List: A listing of contractors and vendors who have completed and submitted the Bidders & Planholders Registration Form. Posted 2 weeks prior to Letting Date and updated as needed.
Construction Letting Email Inbox: This email inbox application was created for contractors to submit electronic or scanned copies of contract documents they cannot submit through Bid Express. These documents include the Drug Testing Plan, and the Performance Bond with power of attorney letter and insurance license. INDOT requires a properly executed performance bond and drug testing policy be submitted with most bids, pursuant to 105 IAC 11-3-8 and IC 4-13-18. Failure to comply will result in rejection of bids. Refer to Recurring Special Provision (100-C-214) in the Contract Information Book (CIB) for submitting emails. A listing of emails received is then posted to the Letting Page, so contractors can confirm their email was received. Email Inbox content typically posted 1 week prior to Letting Date and updated as needed.
Rescheduled & Withdrawn Contracts: This section provides links to show which contracts have been Rescheduled to or from a letting, along with their new Letting Date, as well as which contracts have been Withdrawn from a letting. Updated as needed.
Wage Determination: Minimum wage rates and fringe benefits required by the General Decision (Davis Bacon Act), which may be found here. Refer to Special Provisions in Contract Information Book (CIB) to determine which General Decision Number applies to a specific contract. Appropriate general decision(s) posted 10 days prior to Letting Date.
Bid Express & Expedite Bid Information
Bid Express is the secure internet bidding website that contractors use to submit their bids to INDOT. After contractors register with Bid Express they can use the Expedite Bid software (available for download at Bid Express website) to prepare and submit their bids.
INDOT's Bid Express Home Page
*Schedules are estimated and subject to change without notice.
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