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Toolkit Offers Great, New “Handbook” for Better Understanding How Privacy “Works”

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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By Tracy Barnes

Whether you work in local government, a non-profit organization, or you’re a small business owner, there’s a lot of responsibility that goes into protecting the privacy of someone’s personal and financial information.

And, beyond the challenge that comes with protecting it, there’s quite a bit to try and understand – at any given moment – just how privacy “works” and why that’s important. Safe to say, it can feel a little overwhelming, especially when you consider what it’s worth – to a cybercriminal.

The good news is, there’s a new online resource that’s not only FREE to download, but it’ll also help you better understand privacy in a way that makes sense for you and your organization.

Developed using the knowledge and expertise of leaders in privacy and cybersecurity – from the public and private sectors – the Indiana Privacy Toolkitprovides apractical resource that includes a step-by-step guide with information that’s tailored to fit your specific needs. The recently released toolkit was compiled by the Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity’s Privacy Working Group, and it’s available now with just a click, or visit the Indiana Cyber Hub website.

In addition to sharing with you a little bit of information about the history of privacy and what you need to know to get started, the Toolkit includes a seven-step process (and you can start wherever you like) to help guide you. You’ll find everything from the basics and what you need to understand for developing (both) a privacy notice and a privacy policy to the steps for when (not if) the worst happens, along with a strategy to make certain everyone understands you’ve got the situation under control. Think of it as your own, in-house privacy handbook.

As the Chief Information Officer for the State of Indiana and the chair of the Privacy Working Group, I’m pleased and proud to make this resource available, as we recognize the fact that the potential for a cyber incident is continuing to change the way we do business for all of us.

And, it is through these daily interactions, whether the task is a local resident paying their utility bill, a charity working to preserve the identity of their donors, or a small business securely providing payment to a vendor, privacy is a key component for making it all work seamlessly while, at the same time, allowing you and your organization more of an opportunity to focus on serving the people in your community.