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Celebrating International Women’s Day: Lifting Up the Next Generation of Women in Tech in Indiana

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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By Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch

Although half of Indiana’s workforce is female, just over a quarter of the people performing tech jobs are women, the 4th largest tech worker gender gap in the nation.

Some may see this as a bleak statistic, but I see it as an opportunity for our state to grow and position itself as the perfect place for women to begin their tech careers.

According to the Girl Scout Research Center, 74% of teenage girls are interested in pursuing a career in STEM. In just a couple of years, they will be ready to step into the workforce of this currently male dominated field. And once they do, it is important that we attract them to Indiana.

Enticing people to our state starts by reminding people of all the unique opportunities and activities available in Indiana. As Lieutenant Governor, I oversee a portfolio of agencies including the Indiana Destination and Development Corporation (IDDC). IDDC is dedicated to promoting, branding, and telling Indiana’s authentic story to both attract and retain businesses, talent, students, and visitors to our state.

By utilizing the “IN Indiana” branding at your business, in public art or with #INIndiana on your social media posts, you are helping share the story of Indiana, which will attract more people from across the country to want to come visit, including prospective women in tech.

But once people find their way to Indiana, it is important that we work to ensure that they feel connected and supported while living here and can plug into common interest groups.

One group that is doing just that is Government Women In Technology (GWIT), a State of Indiana affinity group that supports, advocates and motivates women in technology. Founded in 2020 by Anushree Bag, GWIT now has over 100 members from 35 state agencies who gather to share their knowledge, serve as mentors, and empower one another to take risks and navigate an impactful career in technology.

The work being done by GWIT is vital to the success of our state and is building a strong foundation for future generations. I am optimistic that building a culture of support within the tech community, especially for the women who work in this field, will encourage this next generation to come to Indiana for college, for their careers and for their lives.

During Women’s History Month, I challenge you to take a step in supporting the next generation of women in tech. Whether that be by joining an organization like GWIT, volunteering for a local elementary school’s STEM club or becoming a mentor for a local student who is interested in the tech field. By taking these steps, each of us can help close the gender disparity gap in the Indiana tech industry.