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Court forms

Find forms to use in court from the Coalition for Court Access

  • Child support

    Read the guidelines and calculate estimated support

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  • Protect yourself

    Find a safe space to request a protection order or file online

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Self-Service Legal Center

Legal questions is a system that allows eligible clients to post legal questions to a private, confidential messaging system. The questions are answered by private attorneys at no cost to the client.

The role of this website

This website was created to provide information and resources for people who represent themselves in court. It should be noted that self-representation should not be taken lightly, and there are many instances in which hiring an attorney is a good idea. In fact, we suggest that you talk with an attorney prior to submitting forms or petitions to a court.

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Getting help with your case

Court staff cannot give legal advice.

If you have questions about handling a legal matter, please contact a lawyer. See Getting Legal Help for some resources.

Contact your local clerk's office about where to file your forms, or learn about how to e-file.

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