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Risk Assessment System

Indiana uses a series of tools to assess criminal offenders under supervision (e.g., on probation, in drug treatment, etc.) and determine their risk of reoffending.

These risk assessment tools—IRAS and IYAS, selected for statewide use by Indiana's Risk Assessment Task Force—were chosen because offenders and youth are assessed at various stages of the criminal and juvenile justice processes allowing the assessment information to follow them through the continuum of the system.

The IRAS and IYAS are adapted from similar tools used in Ohio. The Indiana Office of Court Services (IOCS)—on behalf of the Judicial Conference of Indiana and in partnership with the Indiana Department of Correction—contracted with the University of Cincinnati, Center for Criminal Justice Research, to test and validate the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) and the Ohio Youth Assessment System (OYAS) for Indiana.

Indiana has established criteria for training and certification of all users and adopted system-wide policies for administering these assessment instruments.

These policies make it mandatory for all supervising entities to use the IRAS and IYAS, and also record the assessment information in the state's web-based application. The policies are designed to improve communication and cooperation between the Indiana Department of Correction, county supervision (probation, problem solving courts, court alcohol and drug programs, and community corrections), and parole.  The policy documents include the purpose of the tool, recommended best practices, the minimum state-wide policies, requirements for case planning, and reassessment policies. The Indiana Risk Assessment Task Force continues to oversee this project and monitor the use of assessments in Indiana.

IOCS and the Department of Correction worked with the Judicial Technology and Automation Committee to develop a web-based application in the Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet (INcite) for entering assessment results.

More information about the web-based application can be found at INcite Risk Assessment Application.

Local Stakeholder Training Opportunities

Local jurisdictions may request a training for stakeholders regarding the IRAS or IYAS from IOCS. IJC will work with the jurisdiction to determine the scope and length of the training as well as any continuing education hours. Stakeholder trainings should include the following attendees: judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation, problem solving courts, court alcohol and drug programs, and community corrections. Requests should be submitted to Michelle C. Goodman, Staff Attorney, Indiana Office of Court Services, at

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