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Judicial Education Scholarships

Professional Development Scholarship

This scholarship program is intended to assist Judicial Officers in their professional development through attendance at seminars, conferences, meetings, or others programs that are not provided by IOCS and/or would not normally be funded by a court. Funding for this program is from Title IV-D reimbursements.

The scholarship is available to the following Judicial Officers: appellate and trial-level judges, magistrates, and full-time commissioners/referees.

The scholarship will pay expenses up to $2,500 to attend a seminar, conference, meeting, or program and is subject to an 80/20 match. Meals are not a reimbursed expense.


Professional Development Scholarship Application

CIP Professional Development Scholarship

This scholarship program made possible by the Court Improvement Program is intended to assist judicial officers with juvenile court jurisdiction expand their professional development by attending child welfare related seminars, conferences, meetings and membership in child welfare related professional organizations. Scholarship will reimburse expenses up to $3,000. The scholarship requires a 25% match, which may be in the form of cash or in-kind contributions.


  1. Applicants will need to submit a scholarship application, which is available from the Court Improvement Program.

  2. All scholarship requests must be requested and approved prior to attendance.

  3. Applications and other documentation should be completed electronically and uploaded through the Secure Document Uploader on the Indiana Courts Portal. See the application for instructions.

  4. If the application is approved, applicants will receive a letter of approval, a copy of their approved application, an expense documentation form and an in-kind documentation form (also available below).

  5. Expenses are to be documented on the expense documentation forms provided, and will be reimbursed subject to published Scholarship Reimbursement Guidelines. Scan your receipts and append them to the expense form.

  6. Submit receipts within 30 days of approved conference.

Application & Forms

Professional Development Scholarship Application (CIP)

Professional Development Scholarship Expense Documentation Form

Professional Development Scholarship In-kind Contribution Documentation Form