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Records Access and Management Committee

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The Records Access and Management Committee conducts a continuous study of the practices, procedures, and systems for the maintenance, management, and retention of court records. The Committee’s study includes best practices and policies with respect to online access to electronic court records with consideration given to the purposes articulated in Indiana Administrative Rule 9 and Indiana Rules on Access to Court Records. From time to time, the Committee provides the Supreme Court recommendations for the modernization, improvement and standardization of such practices, procedures, and systems. The Committee encourages suggestions from all interested parties and the public for the improvement of the Records Access and Management system employed by courts and court agencies as well as concerns or considerations with respect to online access to court records. These recommendations are submitted in writing to the Indiana Office of Judicial Administration.


Order Amending Administrative Rule 4


November 9, 2021
10:00am - 3:00pm
Indiana Office of Court Services
251 N. Illinois Street, Rm. 755
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Emily M. Anderson
Delaware County Court Administrator
Term expires 2024

Debra Berry
Wayne County Clerk
Term expires 2022

Bernice Corley, Esq.
Executive Director, Public Defender Council
Permanent Member

Stephen Creason, Esq.
Chief Counsel, Office of the Indiana Attorney General
Term expires 2022

Mary DePrez
Trial Court Technology Director and Counsel
Permanent Member

Hon. Christine Hasemen
Monroe Circuit Court, Division III
Term expires 2022

Christine Hickey, Esq.
Rubin & Levin
Term expires 2022

Stephen Key, Esq.
Executive Director, Hoosier State Press Association
Term expires 2022

Jon Laramore, Esq.
Executive Director, Indiana Legal Services
Term expires 2022

Hon. Gretchen S. Lund
Elkhart Superior Court 4
Term expires 2023

Justice Mark Massa, Chair
Indiana Supreme Court
Permanent Member

Greg Pachmayr
Appellate Courts Clerk
Permanent Member

Hon. Bruce D. Parent
Lake Superior Court, Civil Division Room 7
Term expires 2023

Chris Naylor
Executive Director, Prosecuting Attorney Council
Permanent Member

Mag. Kelly Scanlan
Marion Superior Court, Probate Division
Term expires 2022

Staff Contact

Tom Jones, Records Manager
Indiana Office of Court Services

Richard Payne, Staff Attorney
Indiana Office of Court Services

Jeffrey Wiese, Deputy Director
Indiana Office of Court Services