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Adult Guardianship

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In 2013, the Indiana General Assembly provided funding to establish the Adult Guardianship Office under the Indiana Supreme Court.

This office

  • serves as a resource for courts and general public on all issues related to adult guardianship
  • administers grant funding to increase the number of volunteer-based guardianship programs throughout the state

In 2022, more than $1.2 million in matching funding was granted to twenty volunteer-based guardianship programs, serving 52 counties. These programs currently serve over 800 vulnerable and incapacitated adults in Indiana who are unable to make personal and financial decisions regarding their care.

The Indiana Adult Guardianship State Task Force is a multidisciplinary work group of public and private key stakeholders and advocates convened to examine the public policy and service delivery issues and needs related to adult guardianship in Indiana. Read the February 2012 report »

Online Guardianship Registry

The Adult Guardianship Office is also involved in the development of an online guardianship registry. The registry provides non-confidential information to the public, including: the name of the protected person, the name of the appointed guardian, the protected person’s year of birth, whether the guardianship case is active or expired, when the letters of guardianship were issued, the county issuing the guardianship, and the guardianship cause number.

Access the guardianship registry »

Access the registry factsheet »

Access the document to be completed when filing »

The registry will

  • provide useful and timely information to the public on the current status of guardianships throughout the state
  • be a vital tool for hospitals, banks, law enforcement, mental health facilities, government agencies, and other service providers who are often placed in emergency situations where knowing whether someone is under a guardianship and who needs to be contacted is critical
  • be an important tool for courts, tracking the number and types of guardianships filed in each jurisdiction

Adult Guardianship Symposium

On May 18, 2021 the Adult Guardianship Office hosted the “2021 Indiana Adult Guardianship Virtual Symposium”. This free, virtual event provided information on a number of topics impacting vulnerable adults across the state and in our communities.

View the symposium agenda »

For more information on the Adult Guardianship Office, contact

Nick Parker, Staff Attorney
Children & Families Division
251 N. Illinois Street, Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 234-5562

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