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The Public Defender of Indiana is a judicial branch agency. The Public Defender is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Indiana Supreme Court.

Our primary purpose is to ensure fairness in criminal proceedings by providing assistance in Post-Conviction Remedies Rule One proceedings. This Rule was originally adopted by the Indiana Supreme Court in 1969.

The agency provides post-conviction factual and legal investigation and representation at hearing and on appeal in all capital cases. In non-capital cases, investigation occurs after the indigent inmate files a pro se petition for post-conviction relief and representation at hearing and on appeal is provided when the case has arguable merit.

The office also locates attorneys to provide representation at trial or on appeal at county expense when requested by county trial courts pursuant to statute.

Contact Information

Indiana State Public Defender
One North Capitol, Suite 800
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Pho: 317-232-2475
Fax: 317-232-2307