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Mediator education & registration

The Office of Admissions and Continuing Education maintains the statewide registry of approved mediators. In order to be listed on the Mediator Registry, a mediator must complete an application and pay the required fee. Education and training requirements are outlined in Alternative Dispute Resolution Rule 2.

Civil Mediation

In civil cases, a registered mediator must be an attorney in good standing with the Supreme Court of Indiana and must complete at least 40 hours of Commission-approved civil mediation training.

Domestic Relations Mediation

In domestic relations cases, a registered mediator must either be an attorney in good standing with the Supreme Court of Indiana, or hold a bachelor or advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, and must complete 40 hours of Commission-approved domestic relations mediation training.

Crossover Training

A person who has met the requirements of A.D.R. Rule 2.5(B)(2)(a), is registered as a domestic relations mediator, and by December 31 of the second full year after meeting those requirements completes a Commission approved civil crossover mediation training program, may register as a civil mediator. A civil mediator who completes domestic relations crossover training may register as a domestic relations mediator.

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Continuing Education (CME) Requirements

A registered mediator must complete a minimum of six hours of Commission approved continuing mediation education (CME) anytime during a three-year educational period. A mediator’s initial educational period commences January 1 of the first full year of registration and ends December 31 of the third full year. Educational periods shall be sequential, in that once a mediator’s particular three-year period terminates, a new three-year period and six hour minimum shall commence.

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