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Mandatory CLE for new lawyers

What is CLE designated as appropriate for new lawyers?

CLE that has been designated by the Commission as appropriate includes any approved CLE program. Attorneys admitted after passing the Indiana Bar Exam are required to complete a 6-hour applied professionalism course during their first three-year educational period.

When does the requirement apply?

Whether you are admitted by exam in spring or fall, you must complete the 6-hour applied professionalism course after January 1 of the next calendar year and by December 31 of the third year thereafter.

So, if you are admitted in October 2019, you must complete the course between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2022.

If you plan to leave Indiana and practice in another state during your first three-year educational period, you still must complete the course as long as you remain in Active status on the Indiana Roll of Attorneys. If you change your status to Inactive, you do not need to satisfy the requirement. If you become Active again, the requirement will apply. See Indiana Admission and Discipline Rule 29 section 8(a) »

How can I find an applied professionalism course?

The Commission-accredited six-hour applied professionalism course is offered by a variety of sponsors.

New attorneys may also fulfill their applied professionalism requirement by completing the ISBA Mentor Match program.

How will the Commission know whether I’ve fulfilled the requirement?

Sponsors of applied professionalism courses must report your attendance to the Commission within 30 days of your attendance. You will be sent a transcript each year and it is your job to inform the Commission of any omissions or inaccuracies. You may also access your transcript at any time by signing into the Indiana Courts Portal.

What happens if I don’t fulfill the requirement?

You run the risk of having your law license suspended. If you think you will have difficulty meeting the deadline, you may file a petition for an extension. If your license becomes suspended, you will have to make up the requirements in addition to reporting penalty hours to reinstate. You will also have to pay a substantial reinstatement fee. See Admission and Discipline Rule 29, section 8(e) »

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