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Eligibility to Sit for the Bar

ABA Approved Law School

It is required that you be a graduate of an ABA approved law school in order to be eligible to sit for the Indiana Bar examination.  The following Indiana law schools are approved by the American Bar Association:

For a complete list of law schools accredited by the American Bar Association, please visit the website of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

Waiving Educational Requirements

The Indiana Board of Law Examiners may, at its discretion, waive the educational qualification requirements in Section 1(a) for an applicant who:

  1. has graduated from a law school located in the United States that is not approved by the ABA, was eligible upon graduation from that law school to take the bar examination of another state, and the Board finds is qualified by reason of education or experience to take the Indiana bar examination; or
  2. has completed legal education in a jurisdiction outside the United States, has obtained a graduate degree from an ABA-approved law school in a program based on American law, and the Board finds is qualified by reason of education or experience to take the Indiana bar examination.

See order amending Admission and Discipline Rule 13

Early Examination Rule

An applicant, who has fewer than five (5) hours to complete and is within one hundred (100) days of graduation from an approved law school, satisfactorily has passed work in the subject matter as set forth in the provisions of this section, and otherwise has completed all requirements for admission to the bar, shall be entitled to take the examination for admission to the bar, but may not be admitted to the bar of the Court until said applicant has met all other requirements for admission and has graduated from an approved law school. [Admission and Discipline Rule 13 (5)]

Required Courses

Applicants must have completed in an approved school of law, two cumulative semester hours of legal ethics or professional responsibility.

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