2016 Governor's Public Service Internship Program

Indiana State Government is now accepting resumes for the 2016 Governor's Public Service Summer Internship program. This program provides interns the opportunity to work with state agency officials, as well as participate in a Speaker Series which features various elected officials, state agency directors and other government representatives. Students are encouraged to interact with one another regarding their varying experiences and to attend any meetings and forums throughout the Government Center complex that are open to the public and would enhance their summer experience. Governor's Summer Interns will spend at least 50 percent of their time on a predetermined project that enhances college-level skills and abilities.

The 2016 Governor's Summer Internship program recipients are paid a rate of $11.30 per hour. Please contact your school's career/internship office for guidelines on how to receive college credit for these opportunities if you would prefer this option as well. To be considered for the internship program, candidates must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate with an accredited post-secondary institution and have completed at least one (1) year of undergraduate education.

Below is a list of agencies that are seeking interns for Summer 2016. Click the button below each agency for a list of internships available with that agency.

Feb. 23 update: New internships posted with Office of Management & Budget and State Budget Agency.

Budget Agency

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State Library

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Department of Labor

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Lieutenant Governor's Office

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Dept. of Natural Resources

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Office of Management & Budget

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Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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Dept. of Revenue

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