Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) provides funding for essential services, operations and homeless prevention activities to emergency homeless shelters, transitional housing for homeless, and day/night homeless shelters. These programs provide basic needs of shelter, food, clothing, and other necessities, and many also provide case management, referrals, rental assistance and other services to individuals and/or families who are in need of assistance.

ESG Street Outreach RFP

ESG Street Outreach Application (FY2017)
ESG Street Outreach Application Instructions
Certificate of Attendance
Street Outreach APR Calculation Form
Street Outreach APR Instructions
Street Outreach Boilerplate Contract

ESG Shelter Program RFP

ESG Shelter Application (FY2017)
ESG Shelter Application Instructions
Certificate of Attendance
Shelter APR Calculation Form
Shelter APR Instructions
Shelter Boilerplate Contract

ESG Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness Prevention RFP (RRHP)

ESG Rapid Rehousing / Homelessness Prevention Application (FY2017)
ESG Rapid Rehousing / Homelessness Prevention Application Instructions
Certificate of Attendance
RRHP APR Calculation Form
RRHP APR Instructions
RRHP Checklist
RRHP Boilerplate Contract

Reference and Training Materials

June 2016 Fair Housing Training Materials