RED Compliance Manuals and Forms

2016 Owner Certifications

IHCDA is proud to announce the ability to submit the  2016  Annual Owner Certification online! Any Owner or owner approved OC Editor can now submit the Annual Owner Certification by visiting .

Online submissions are optional for the 2016 reporting year. Partners will still have the ability to submit hard copy forms to IHCDA offices if desired. Please keep in mind to finalize the tenant events in the system, submit the Annual Owner Certification either online or hard copy, and pay the applicable fee no later than January 31, 2017. Many questions regarding the system can be answered by reviewing the Online Owner Certification power point. If questions remain, please feel free to contact a Regional Compliance Auditor.

2016 Owner Certification Forms
2016 OC Webinar Presentation

Compliance Manuals and Forms

Rental Housing Tax Credits Compliance Manual

2015 Rental Housing Tax Credit Compliance Manual (February 2015)
Summary of Changes for 2015


Federal Programs Ongoing Rental Compliance Manual 3rd Edition (September 2015)

CDBG, HOME, and HTF Program Manual 4th Edition
List of Exhibits by Chapter