HMIS Announcements


HMIS Vendor Transition - Posted 1/12/11

The HMIS Data Committee and the IHCDA Executive Committee has decided it is time for us to upgrade to a new HMIS software product. IHCDA is pleased to announce that starting March 5th, 2012 we will be switching to the ClientTrack software.

ClientTrack is one of the leading HMIS Vendors in the country and is already being used by homeless agencies in Indianapolis, as well as Community Action Agencies and United Way agencies across the state of Indiana.

ClientTrack provides a streamlined interface that is easy to learn and simple to use. In addition ClientTrack provides many built in reports plus an ad hoc reporting tool that allows you to build custom queries on anything from demographics to services. We believe that once you see the software, you will be as excited as we are about upgrading.

For more information visit ClientTrack

The End of User Fees and Other Important Announcements - Posted 11/14/09

October 1st marked the start of many things.

October 1st was the start of the new Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) reporting period. That means we will be examining all homeless shelter data from the past year to compile it into the 2009 AHAR Report. If you have not already done so please run several reports to check the quality and accuracy of your data and make sure that all household data has been added to the Household And Child Info form. Agencies with low utilization rates or poor data quality will be contacted.

And October 1st was the start of our HMIS fiscal year. With a new fiscal year comes a new HMIS budget, and we are pleased to announce that this year we will not be charging user license fees to any emergency shelter, transitional housing programs or permanent housing programs! Unfortunately this does not extend to Supportive Service Only Agencies as our HUD Grant does not allow us to subsidize these programs*(see note below for clarification). Homeless shelter agencies can have up to 5 user names free of charge and an additional user name for every 20 beds in your facility if needed. In exchange for offering free user licenses we ask that you designate someone at your agency to monitor your data quality and ensure that information is entered accurately and that clients are discharged on a timely basis. In addition we ask that all staff attend either a Data Quality Training or a New User Training at least once every year. IHCDA is still in the process of hiring new HMIS Staff and is looking forward to providing more support and more services in the coming year. Starting this Winter IHCDA will be resume the annual auditing of HMIS agencies to ensure compliance with the agency partner agreements and to provide on-site support for users.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website and training calendar at New specialized on-line trainings, case management trainings and report trainings webinars are still happening every month. New training material is available online, and more pre-recorded webinars will be added soon. If you have any problems, questions, or comments please be sure to send a message to our HMIS staff.

*Clarification on User License Fees: The following program types will not be charged user license fees: Any homeless shelter program including Emergency Shelters, Day Shelters, and Night Shelters; any Transitional Housing programs for the homeless; any Permanent Housing Programs for formerly homeless individuals (including SHP and Shelter Plus Care Programs); Supportive Services Only Programs that receive McKinney-Vento Funding; HOPWA programs; and any other residential programs that specifically target homeless individuals.

The following program types are not covered by the HMIS Grant and will be charged fees: Family Development Programs; Supportive Services Only Programs that do not receive McKinney-Vento Funding; and Residential Programs that do not specifically target the homeless. Participation in the HMIS system for these types of programs is dependent upon approval from the HMIS Program Director and fees will be established based on desired usage.