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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #12-518(E)


Repeals LSA Document #12-289(E), posted at 20120711-IR-312120289ERA, which temporarily amends 312 IAC 9-3-2 by clarifying hunter orange requirements during the special antlerless deer season, temporarily amends 312 IAC 9-3-3 by adding the recurve bow to the list of archery equipment that can be used to hunt deer in the archery season, and temporarily amends 312 IAC 9-3-4 to govern hunting white-tailed deer in a designated county under an extra deer license by identifying counties for herd reduction. Effective September 15, 2012.

SECTION 1. LSA Document #12-289(E), posted at 20120711-IR-312120289ERA, IS REPEALED.

SECTION 2. SECTION 1 of this document is effective September 15, 2012.

LSA Document #12-518(E)
Filed with Publisher: September 5, 2012, 10:40 a.m.

Posted: 09/12/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120912-IR-312120518ERA
Composed: May 26,2018 3:55:25PM EDT
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