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Create a high school graduation plan

All Indiana students are required by state law to create a High School Graduation Plan, which helps you make sure you’re on track to reach your college and career goals.

When should I start my Graduation Plan?

Indiana’s Graduation Plan begins in grade 6. You will commit to completing high school. Your parents or legal guardians will have to sign your Graduation Plan.

In grades 8 and 9, you will start planning your high school courses with your counselor. Read more about Indiana’s Core 40 and International Baccalaureate diploma options. Consider committing to a Core 40 Diploma with Academic Honors or Technical Honors. Some Indiana colleges only accept students with Honors, and the extra academic challenge will serve you well in your college or in your career, too. Apprenticeship programs often look for students with Technical Honors.

In grades 10 through 12, you will review your Grad Plan at least once a year to make sure you’re still on track for graduation with the diploma you want. You will also keep track of ISTEP+ and End-of-Course Assessment scores, which will help determine whether you can continue to the next grade. Tests like the SAT and ACT are required for college admissions, so you’ll keep track of those, too. Read more about all these tests here.

Where can I get a copy of the Graduation Plan?

Learn More Indiana is your resource for Indiana’s Graduation Plan! Learn about your options:

Online Graduation Plan
The easiest way to keep track of your Graduation Plan is to create an account with the Indiana Career Explorer. You’ll be able to keep track of your progress, print off pages for your parents to sign and more. The Indiana Career Explorer also offers the career interest inventories you will have to take as part of your Grad Plan.

Printer-friendly Versions
If you’d like a paper copy of your Grad Plan, you can print off these versions:

How do I complete my Graduation Plan?

For more help on completing your Grad Plan, read Learn More Indiana’s tips on putting your Graduation Plan in action. You can read about diploma types, high school courses and resources for completing your Grad Plan.

Ask your high school counselor or advisor if you have questions or need help. Remember: it’s okay to be confused, but it’s not okay to not do anything about it.

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