Do you think the military is your next step after high school? Make sure you know about all the options before you make the big decision to join one of the five branches of the armed services:Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy or Marines.


  • Today's Military: Learn all about signing up for the military.
  • MyFuture: Explore military careers by field of study, industry, type of work or career trait.
  • Army ROTC: The Reserve Officers' Training Corps combines rigorous officer training with four years of paid college education. There are also options for the Navy, Marines and Air Force.
  • ASVAB: See if your high school administers the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, used by military branches to determine where your skills will be best utilized.

Military service academies:

Highly selective academies consider factors important to traditional four-year colleges, like SAT or ACT scores, high school GPA, leadership skills and extracurriculars. Explore the five options:

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