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Career Ready Events

Across Indiana, Career Ready events will help you prepare for your future career. Your school or community organization may have its own Career Ready events.

Apr. 20-24 - Suggested Kick-off Week

Suggested activities include:

  • Monday: Career Dress-up Day (don't forget to think about how your school lessons relate to your chosen career)
  • Tuesday: Career Theater (view Hoosier Hot 50 videos and explore more facts at
  • Wednesday: Career Trivia (take college and career trivia in your lunchroom or during morning announcements)
  • Thursday: Career Dreams (share your dream career, perhaps with photos, and the type of college degree you'll need)
  • Friday: Career Professional Speakers (listen to local professionals share their stories. Local government leaders, parents and grandparents are all great at sharing about their careers!)

May 21 - Career Explorer Day

It's a great day to visit your Indiana Career Explorer account at! If you're in 8th grade, make sure your high school Grad Plan lists all the courses you'll take throughout high school. If you're in grades 6-12, you can take a career interest inventory or explore a specific career field.

May 29 - Contest Deadline!

Career Ready contest entries are due! Students can win $529 for college. Schools can complete a grant application for $1,000 for college and career readiness activities. Learn more here.