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Summer is the perfect time to get ahead for school or jumpstart your career.

Statewide Events

College- and career-related events are happening all summer long in every corner of Indiana! Whether you're looking for a campus tour, a career fair or something else, get started by browsing the event calendar on our homepage. If you are specifically looking for career fairs, explore’s calendar for a listing of opportunities.

Summer Camps & Programs

If you’re in grades K-12, an academically-focused summer camp can give you an extra boost to get you ready for the next grade. Or, you could get a jumpstart on your college knowledge by participating in a career- or sport-focused program located on one of Indiana's many college campuses. Check out our complete listing of summer programs, and don't forget to scroll down to view the programs on a college campus. There's a college within driving distance of every student in the state!

Your local community may have other summer events that support your learning or career aspirations. Places to check:

  • Your county College Success Coalition sponsors year-round activities.
  • Libraries usually offer reading programs and other summer activities for K-12 students.
  • A nearby WorkOne Center can help get your career on track.